Art shop rules, am I been defecult or are people stupid?

I dont claim I am a smart person, but either people who request are really stupid or I els I am aprently being more dificult then I think.

the problem is in, in my shop I have a few rules, and always I MEAN ALWAYS, I have to ask people to fill out the form, answering all qustions,

as of now not a single person have requested I havent had to waste time asking to follow the rules, often I have to ask two or 3 times.

this is the form for an art cover, A FREE art cover, I dont understand is it diffcult to answar, am I being unreasible, because it dosent make sense to me, I dont find this harsh to ask for, but I still have to ask over and over. so there gotta be some problem

Font(not needed) and colour:
what kind of background:
Big cover small or both:
is it publish(if not explain how long you are):
How many chapters is publish:
How many in the art:
Picture of characters, in the clothes you want. and a close up of the face :
a description of what you want the cover to look like, picture of pose refrence prefored:
Link to your story:
art style(anime or semi-realistic :
Did you read the rules?:

is it because its hidden behind this thing, that people dont notice it?


This text will be hidden

I honestly consider closing my art shop, I love doing art for people, its just people are really dificult to draw for sometimes. I tried to make it as easy as possible, and still, here we are.


I am sorry I am really distress right now, and yes this is a bit of a rant, I am also crying a little bit, dont know why I got so emotinel over it right now.

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Hey! It’s alright!

That is not your fault BTW. People are just being stupid and not reading. All they see is ‘Free Art’, and they go for it. That form is not too long. It’s just detailed. If people can’t fill it out, then just tell them that their request is denied.


your right I am really in the red right now, because I had to ask a girl 5 times to feel out the form.

I dont wanna deny people, but just what is the point of rules if they dont follow them.


It’s all good. They just need to pay more attention, especially when requesting from free artists.

A google form might be easier since you can make it so they HAVE to fill in the questions and can’t skip over them.

I get that you don’t want to deny people, but if they don’t do what’s asked one time, sure look over it, but over 2 times is already too much. I think you won’t even have the motivation to make that piece after that.


I agree a google form may be easier, but I dont think you’re being difficult. its your rules and your art.


I tried google form. didnt work weel for me.

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First off, I don’t think you are being difficult.

But, even if you were, you are offering free art. If they can’t follow your instructions they can find someone else. That easy.

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When I made a request I did not get the ‘‘please follow the rules’’ if this helps to make you feel better? :sweat_smile: I totally understand how you feel that was why I read through your rules over and over. I followed your rule #15 too :blush::white_heart:

I will support your decision, whatever it is (to close the art shop or not close it) :blob_hearts:


The entire layout of my shop is 1) no banners, 2) lots of the “hidden text” things and I (when I’m actually open) don’t really have the issue of people flat out not following rules/filling out forms. And if someone doesn’t do it right, I only typically tell them once and then they correct it. If they don’t, I ignore the request.

Now, I’ve been seeing tons of new accounts on the forums lately, and I haven’t had my shop open for a little while so maybe I haven’t experienced enough of this newer crowd yet. But my advice is to just stick to your rules. If they don’t follow them, remind once. If they still don’t follow, then deny. You’re literally giving them free art, the least they can do is respect you and your shop. If they don’t, then wash your hands of it. It’s not your problem :woman_shrugging:t3:


it’s not your fault. people have blatantly ignored my shop rules over and over but i try not to fuss about it. you haven’t done anything wrong. people look over things sometimes, or either choose not to notice them— it’s their fault, really.

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You are not being difficult whatsoever! You are offering free art to people who follow rules. If they can’t follow the rules, that’s on them. It’s not your fault at all!

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