Art Software for a Computer


Hello everyone! I’m looking for good art softwares on the computer that I can use to make character edits on episode. Thanks!

XOXO~Purple_Sour_Bear~ :purple_heart:


Autodesk or photoshop


are they free?


photoshop is not even though there is a 7 day trial, it doesnt do much… but autodesk I’m not sure


Thanks. What do you use?


pixlr is free and you can easily use it online! xx


Oooh thanks!


I have the full version of photoshop, It’s something I don’t regret putting my money into… if you buy it just remember to write down your login info if you switch computers. I lost mine and had to re-buy it


Autodesk is free to use


Free or paid, I’ll take what I can get! :sweat_smile:


I use medibang paint pro it’s free and pretty simple