Art Splashes and covers


This is a really diffrent type of splashes and covers.
I don’t draw and I don’t put in Characters, it’s really all background and type.
I also do some backgrounds.
Pls tell me what you want to be on it as in the words
And the type of background you want ex: floral, Japenese print, black and white
If you have your own background I can use that too
Tell me Below or pm me! As of right now, I can’t do background edits. Sorry:(
But I do ‘simple edits’ to backgrounds, like adding words or color




simple edits


Do you do background edits


Depends, what do you need edited?


can you edit this


change the windows change the couch add some postores


Girl you are amazing!!! Btw I’m need your info please!!! :grin: On the pm I sent you… lol


wanna join episode diamonds


Your art is amazing :slight_smile:


Thanks so much!


I’m not looking to join a group currently. Sorry, but I prefer working solo.