Art Story cover?

Can someone do an art cover for me please I have tried on my own but I’m failing and can’t seem to get the right concept…I need help!!! !It’s limelight…the title is “The Precarious Betrayal”
It’s all about betrayal and heartbreak…maybe you can choose a background of your choice…the characters for the cover and details are below!! If someone can help me I will truly appreciate it…it’s for my first story :pray::heart:

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Hi can I try to help u?

Omg yesss please😭… I have been struggling so that will be nice…someone offered before to help…so maybe can you do the small cover for me???

So what u want?

Well my story is Abt heartbreak and betrayal the female is the main character and her two love interest are the guys…so maybe the female character in the middle of them holding a broken heart ? Or something of that sort? It’s gotta portray her sadness…let me know your opinion or if you have a diff idea :laughing:

So u want a cover?
With the three character?
One boy each side and the girl in the center?
Is it that?

Yes that’s it!!!


I got an idea for u give me some time and u will be happy to see the resultat! :grin: :blush:

Thank you so muchhhhhh :sparkling_heart: np!!!

What does the first boy have like his shirt???

Yes I find it!

Idk if u will like it…

Sorry I was taking long to reply!!! And omgggg thank you so much!!! :sparkling_heart::heart:

Do you have an Instagram account??? How do I credit you???


Just take my forum name

Ok np :+1:

Text me if u need something else I’m happy to help!

Aww thanks will do!!!