***Art Style SHOWDOWN***


Hey guys! The new forums SLAY! Am I right?!

But I needed an excuse to test out the awesome poll feature because… WHY NOT? :laughing:

I am also curious as to what your favorite Episode Art Style would be! :thinking:

I present to you… THE SHOWDOWN. :fire::fire::fire_engine::woman_firefighter:t5::fire: :fire:

So vote for your favorite style! Vote, I tell you! :heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::purple_heart:

  • Classic
  • Ink
  • Limelight
  • None, I only come for the forums :neutral_face:

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Love this! :heart: :heart:


Hey love, I hope all is well. :relaxed:

I have a love for all of the styles but I have to say Limelight is my favorite.
It’s more real and smooth… plus, I’m loving all of the new stuff our team is able to create for us.


Hello my love! :heart_eyes: @dearmrsdee

I would have to agree. Definitely can’t wait to publish my first Limelight story and to see what cool things they have in store.


Limelight is my favourite! Since writing a story in it a few months ago, it’s really grown on me. I still prefer the look of the INK men, but I’m also slowly getting used to the LL men. I personally find that LL works better for the style of stories that I write. I just prefer the look of the animations. I know a lot of people seem to think that LL has no emotions, but the animations work great for my stories :woman_shrugging:


“None, I only come for the forums” LOLOL :laughing: I’d have to say limelight is my favourite even though I like Classic and Ink the same as well :smile: The detail/shading of the art style in Limelight just slays. :smiley:


Lol I feel like Ink will always have a special place in my heart :heart:.


Tbh, I actually used to hate Ink, only because the proportions and animations are weird to me, haha! But it grew on me for sure! :joy:


I love all the styles, each of them has their own quirks. I do wish the males in Limelight looked more like men and not teenagers, but then again, INK just narrowly gains my support for the men. I’d just prefer it if there were more clothing to use. I’m revamping my stories, but I’m worried about doing it in Limelight. There’s just not enough necessary things. I almost cried when INK got old clothing. Limelight doesn’t even have police outfits. - But looks wise, Limelight is much smoother, fewer glitches and though some of the animations are questionable,
Limelight does give us more opportunities.


I agree with the men! They are growing on me but I do prefer INK men over Limelight in terms of looks. But INK has so many more noses and features to choose from for the time being. I’m sure they will be a lot more limelight features to come. Also, making a male child might be a little less convincing with those new broad shoulders the Limelight men have. The child would look like he is on steroids lol.


I hope the features come soon then :wink::joy: - And yeah, the shoulders are massive, it looks really out of place! aha!


INK! I repeat, INK! I like my men, what can I say. :innocent:


Lollll I know what you mean! I prefer the INK men too!! Old lovers die hard lolll.


Limelight is by far my favorite style - although I as well prefer the INK men. LOL If they spiced up the Limelight men, we’d be good to go!! :joy:


We need bearded men, asap! :joy:


Great topic and poll! Super exciting but was created in the wrong section. Since this is Episode related it has been moved to the Episode Fan Community section. Thanks!


I prefer ink. :rofl: it is more in the middle and not too classic but not too… new…!?

So yeah, ink.


Limelight is beautiful but the animations are just so… :confounded: That’s why I prefer ink.


What stories do you write?


I’m loving the poll feature!