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Hey guys! I decided to make a thread for artist to advertise their threads. I’m hoping this will make it easier for people to find artist to request from because sometimes I find it hard to find thread to request from and I like to request from a variety of different places. I’m also hoping it’ll help artist/art threads, especially those that are just getting started. It doesn’t matter what kind of art you do (overlays, edits, art scenes, backgrounds ect…), and if you’re solo or a group you can advertise here!

What I recommend to include to advertise!

  • Who you are (or group name)
  • What you do
  • Some examples of your work
  • Link to thread


I know some groups

Episode royalty- @WinterMoon05

Episode creavity - @Doksanwrites

Episode bakery - @epi.alyssaa


@Claire_Cheyanne I think you two are new so here :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:


@Episode.Bomb LINK! - Episode Bomb Family!


Visit My Thread Here!

Some examples here!

♛Interior Backgrounds♛

♛Exterior Backgrounds♛



Visit my Art Request Thread here!

Here are some of my examples:


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Character edits:


Thank you for mentioning us @Epy.raven!

To see examples and request go here.


Hi im :blush: and me and my friend :wink: made a thread together: C&C's Art Thread - Covers , Splashes , Watermarks , Character edits Drawn Art and More In 15 - 20 Min! check it out


Episode Bliss! Let’s go @Dahlia_Blossom