Art: Tips & Tricks. ღ

Hi, lovelies! Aaliyah here.

This thread is for any and everybody! I know a lot of people struggle with digital art and/or sketching, and etc. So, I decided why not make a thread for people to share their tips and tricks? I recently just started doing digital art, and honestly, I struggle with it, but Im also getting better thanks to the help of some lovely people.

Despite what the banner says lol. People who are skilled in art can also comment on this thread and get tips and tricks.

There is multiple share your art threads on the forums, however, you can post your art below.
Examples of art:

  • Overlays.
  • Text Overlays.
  • Backgrounds.
  • Splashes.
  • Digital Art.
  • Sketches.
  • Covers.
  • Handrawn Art. (Are these the same as sketches? Lol, I’m uneducated.)

This is not a request thread! If you request on this thread, then you will be flagged.

Please please, please. If you do show examples of art, and you are using someone’s else outline or work. Make sure you CREDIT them.

Please be respectful on this thread this is all I ask. Some people are only beginners (like myself, Im trash lol) I hope this thread doesnt flop. :sweat_smile:


This thread is an awesome idea :+1: :100:


Thank you! :blob_hearts: I’m struggling, and I also see people asking for help on the wrong threads. So, why not?


Awesome! :sunglasses::heart_eyes::grin:

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How do YOU draw the characters hair?

I found this on YouTube - How to draw hair here.

Hair Tutorial

I use the Round brush real on Ibis Paint X
First I add Base Color and go to select it so it.
Then I set the layer mode to add and with the round brush real I :arrow_heading_down:

I add a new layer and set the layer mode to add again and this time just go around the middle. Lower the layer’s opacity if you want <3

After that I get a darker color of the base and start from the edges to midway middle :upside_down_face: or something like this :arrow_heading_down:

Feel free to go back and add more highlights

Hope this helps :upside_down_face: have a good day and if you need explanation on some stuff I mentioned please don’t be scared to ask!

How I shade eyes video -


Oo, thanks for sharing! I’ve been wanting to learn how to shade eyes.


No problem! :grin::heartbeat:

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What’s the best brush to shade with? :eyes:

I feel like it depends on what app your using and what your shading. I use Procreate and the shading tool instead of an actual brush.

Question: how do you guys shade cloths? I’m trying and it looks terrible :grimacing:

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You’re a sweetheart! :relaxed:

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I did this edit for Loren’s outline contest here. It’s still open if you want to join.

I’m not experienced at all, but I think I did okay. Can anyone give me any tips on how to improve? I used IbisPaint X


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if some people haven’t seen this yet, here’s some ibis paint x tips & questions that @/QueenSaucy has answered & shown with the app.


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This thing is AMAZING!!! No white lines and leaves your characters lookin’ flawless if you are trying to get a blank background for overlaying things or creating covers!!

Example of MY Cover

To complete the full thing and make the actual cover I use


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