Art To-Do List ✔


I’m making this thread now so if u have requested and I didn’t send it to u, u can tell me here or PM me.
U can also request through PM or my art thread. It’s called “:blue_heart: Art Request Thread” so search it up if you’re free!

Sorry… I will not be available to do any arts for now… But you can still pm me or something about it

Silver's Art Gallery 🌟

i requested a small and large cover and i haven’t gotten it yet not rushing because i haven’t started the story yet so take your time


do u do warning screens


I make splashes so yes


@Roem123 I need the details to do it. Pm me them or post it on
:blue_heart: Art Request Thread


@MissLiayah U got what u need from someone else so I’m not doing it anymore


@Ms.Mystery I need the background :smiley:


@Victoriax working on it now :v:


Here you go:


Sent it to you in your pm


@Roem123 do u still need it?


@Roem123 Hey… This is the last time I’m asking. If you still don’t reply, I’ll have to remove you from the list…




? :thinking:


I’m so sorry I was busy and I forgot. Thank you for asking me once again. I need an art scene of two characters looking at each other. What details should I send you? Once again I am so sorry, please forgive me.


Can u send the details here?






So sad.,


Your thread is ignored for 46 days…