Art Tutorial Video [Poll]

Hi guys,
I haven’t been doing edits for very long, but I’m receiving so much support from everyone I’m overwhelmed, I was wondering if any of you would be interested if I made tutorial videos?

Id say my art style is fantasy/realism kinda :sweat_smile:

Art work example

The options:

  1. Short videos on Instagram, more like speedpaints than a tutorial
  2. Longer videos on YouTube with perhaps voiceover or text to guide
  3. Stick with pictures

A xo

  • Short Instagram videos
  • Long YouTube videos
  • No videos, just pictures

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Thank you to everyone thats voted so far! :grin::purple_heart:

I personally voted for YouTube videos since I don’t have Instagram.

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Thank you so much for voting! I think the clear winner is long YouTube tutorials :smile: I’ll start working on these right away for you! Be sure to follow me on YouTube @ amephira :smile:

@Sydney_H Please close this thread when you get a chance, thank you xoxo

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Topic closed by OP request. :wink: