Art username ~ help!

I need a username for my episode art account but I’m coming up with nothing :confused: I don’t want my name to be in it but I don’t know what to use :woman_facepalming:

If you have any ideas then I’d love to hear them :revolving_hearts:


:thinking: try to think of things you like or if you could alter your name slightly

For example my real name is Emma but I use Emmzy on here

So for example maybe use your initials? I’m guessing your name is Jess so if your last name began with C you could use

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Hmm I like that! artbyJB…?

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Yeah :slight_smile:

There was a username that my friend came up with, what do you think?

I really like that one xx

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Okay, ty!

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No worries :wink: usernames can be a pain lol I have an episode YouTube account which i upload some videos (not many) which is basically Emmzy Episode :joy::joy:

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:joy: amen

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