ART: Variety in plus sizes and body sizes!

Ok so I know that they have plus sized ladies so far and that’s super cool! I just want to shed light to the fact that plus sized ladies and really just people in general come in different sizes. I wish they would also add sizes like the ones listed below.

There are multiple different types of plus sized and body types and I just think all of them deserve to be represented!


I heard they’re actually working on it, not only that but different body types as in athletic, unathletic, all of that jazz.

Big updates will slowly be coming hopefully :pray:

Oh wow, I actually had no clue! I’d seen some types of what they called “variations” in a new story but nothing with a different body shape. Thanks for letting me know!


I had no clue either, I was shocked as well. & no problem! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Sorry this has nothing to do with the topic but how’d you do that glitter thing on your profile it’s seriously so pretty?!

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Thank you!! I went on the app GIPHY and just searched glitter & saved It to my gallery. I uploaded the header from my phone & BAM! Gif header :joy:

Omfg thank you so much haha!

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No problem, anytime! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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