Art work AND Cover needed, Please


I am working on a sequel to my first story Mate Bond, and would like to add art scenes and a cover.
Show me what you guys can do! or recommend someone who can give me what I’m looking for.

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Story Name : Mate Bond: The Burning
Author Name (if you want it on the cover) : Lovelylauren
Dark Forest, School Hall
Theme -
Character Details: Hayden the future alpha has found his mate Skylar but she doesn’t know she is a werewolf.

Large Cover:
I’d like Hayden to have Skylar with her hands pin to a tree above her by hayden and hayden looking into skylars eyes but skylar is more curious than scared.
In dark forest

Small Cover:
Thomas (Skylars current boyfriend) is down the hall sad as Hayden flirts with Skylar. With Hazel and Zayne on the other side admiring their brother.
In school hall.

Small or Large cover? Or both? : Both Please.

Additional Info:
Hayden is more scene, tattooed arms and chest and bad boy looking, lip piercing , eyebrow piercing.
Skylar is more bad girl.
Thomas is more popular and jock like.
Hazel is nerdy but popular.
Zayne is your typical Bad boy player. (F*CK boy.)


Hello, I’d be glad to help out if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:
Here are some examples:
Cover Example 1
Cover Example 2
Art Scene Example
Thank you,
~Brooke Johnson


EpisodeStudio would be happy to help you if you like!!!


Those are great. I left all the info of what I wanted for my cover.
show me what you can do. if you need anything else just ask. :slight_smile:


Awesome details are in the post if you need anything else just ask. :slight_smile:


Hi, can u send me screenshots of the characters doing the exact poses? (I’m in episode studio)


Like @AMANI182-EPISODEEEEE said screenshots of the characters in the exact pose makes it faster to get it for you


We are really good at editing characters so piercings and tattoos are easy for us to do


I want the cover with Hayden pinning Skylars arms to the tree I can’t really send a shot of them in that pose.


You are right… lol that would be hard I pmed you… if you could screen shot their details from your portal for me of their looks and their clothes I can make them in my portal!!’ :grin:


Here’s the small cover:

I’ll begin working on the large cover, now. But if there’s anything you want changed, let me know :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh! And here it is with the extended title:


That looks awesome, its the second of a sequel could you possibly fit the full name Mate Bond: The Burning


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! this is amazing!


How do you do it so fast??? I do it from my phone so it takes me more time… lol


Ah, I’ve just gotten used to the steps of creating cover arts, so I guess I’ve gotten more and more comfortable with the programs I use :slightly_smiling_face:


Well with me using my phone I have to create them in my portal and write them into my portal than go to the app to get the screenshot of them… cut out the background… than put in the right background… it’s a lot but I have fun doing it… I know most people use computers


Here are Character details and clothing I’d like them wearing!
Love the stuff so far!!!
You guys are awesome!


Is this what you had in mind for the large cover?:


More of him pinning her hands to the tree, I’d like to see his face if possible.
These are the details and clothing I would like.

This is great!!!