Art work cover story

I’m searching for someone that would like to make an art cover for my new story :see_no_evil::heart_eyes:

Okay I’ll try my best. Can you give me the character details, poses, and title? And what type of background do you want?

Ooh thank you so much! :heart_eyes:

Female in the middle faces right

Skin; honey

Brow; mature round

Hair; straight/ chestnut

Eyes; upturned feline/ white

Face; oval

Nose; upturned

Lips; full round/plum

Male right faces left

Skin; tan/tattoo

Brow; thin arch

Hair; boy bun/ black

Eyes; gentle almond/ green

Face; defined triangle

Nose; button

Lips; uneven/ terracotta

Male left faces right

Skin; toffee/ tattoo

Brow; medium sharp

Hair; modern pompadour/ black

Eyes; gentle almond/ black

Face; chiseled square

Nose; button

Lips; uneven/ taupe

Can the girl be before them and do flirt wink forward and the right guy flirt shy and the left guy arm crossed angry. The right guy is a little bit taller then the girl en the left guy a little taller then the right guy. Background “int. Garage - night” story tittle “Nor sinners, nor saints!”

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For their outfits you can use this if you want :slight_smile:

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If you still need someone lmk

So the cover will come out tmr btw cause it will take some time.

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