Art Workshop [OPEN]


Can you make me one that says thank you for reading and ig account?

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Sure but I have two questions:

  • IG name?
  • Do you want some special BG or color

BG: pastel colors and can you draw my character?
Skin - Neutral 02
Brows - Arched thin dark brown
Hair - Shoulder braid brown dark
Face - Round down turned wide hazel
Nose - Round button upturned
Lips - Full heart pouty pink beige matte
Eyes- round downturned wide ice blue

don’t mind blonde hair on the picture

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I look what I can do!

Thank you so much :heart_eyes::heart:

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Sad news! I can’t to art I think about 2-3 weeks bc there is some kind of error in my art studio.
So,I can do without art or wait 2-3 weeks and then 1 week and you get it

If you don’t mind, I will wait. Is it alright? And thank you for informing me


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