**Art** you can enter if you want


I’m am doing a … Art contest :rofl: Anyone can enter if they want :grin:

Here what you should if you want to enter

1.Send your Art here in the thread :point_down:

2.If you won where should I message

Here are the rules

3.Wait for it to be approved

Here are the rules

1. I will not accept bullying or saying mean stuff If you have nothing nice to say keep it to yourself

2.You can’t not be a judge and vote for yourself or your friends

3.You can only enter 10 from each catogary

Here are the catogarys



*Character edit

*Background edit

*Overlay edit

Here are the judges




What you get when you win

First place :tada:
I will read your story
Shoutout on social media
You will be able to be featured in my storie
I will tell everyone about your art

Second place :2nd_place_medal:
I will follow you on social media
I will read your story
I will tell everyone about your art

thrid place :3rd_place_medal:
I will read your story
I will tell everyone about your art


Yay I’m a judge thx @Dangrousdiva


What if the winner doesn’t have a story?


They do the other stuff


Like what?


Good question :thinking:


If they don’t have a story we move to the next thing that I will do


But then
First prize will only have one prize
Second prize will have 2 prizes
Third prize will also have one prize
If u cancel out the story part


Do you have any idea for a prize


I do


pm me


Shoutout on social media?


Here you go! Covers, Splashes, Backgrounds, Overlays, and Art Resources [OPEN] {30 mins maximum if online}

I don’t have an instagram account and my story isn’t published…

Stay gold,
Briar Rose


She’s banned from the forums for now… She’ll be back on June


Who’s banned?