Artemis & Moon’s Official Request Thread **OPEN**


Hello episodians! And welcome to Artemis & Moon’s Official Request Thread and our status is open.

We each decided to partner up and contribute for the episode community.

Need art done? Here’s the place to be! We’ll be sure to deliver as fast as possible.

Moon: @FreakyEvilMargs
Artemis: @Raybadem


  1. No cyber bullying, please keep your calm on this thread! If any, we will flag you.
  2. No cursing, see above rule for more info.
  3. No off-topic replies! Keep your off-topic replies in a PM or on a different thread.
  4. Don’t request here if
  • You requested somewhere else
  • You’re not using our work
  1. To make sure you read the rules, you must include the password: artiemoon in your request.
  2. Have fun!


Artemis’s Splash Examples


Moon’s Splash Examples

Artemis’ Cover Examples

image image

Moon’s Cover Examples

PFP/Character Edits
Artemis’ PFP/Character Edits Examples

image image

Moon’s PFP/Character Edits Examples

Thank you for requesting!

Artemis & Moon


This is great moon!


No problem :slight_smile:


Hi! If possible, I’d like to request a splash to use in my story! If it could be a “turn your volume up” kind of thing, that would be great! I don’t mind the background at all, or who does it, as long as it has my character on it! Here she is!



I’ll make sure to give credit!

Thanks, xx!



I’ll be making your splash if Artemis doesn’t mind :wink:.

I’ll get it done by today or tomorrow!

Moon :heart:


Yep you can do it!


Awesome :slight_smile:


@DeathlyCow, your request is done! Tell me if you want me to redo it or change it or anything…

Please credit @itsmoonlight.epy (with an underscore at beginning and end) on Instagram if you use it!

Request Completed!

@Raybadem & @FreakyEvilMargs


It’s gorgeous! I love it! Thank you so much, and I’ll give credit! :heart:


No problem, thank you! :crescent_moon:


And thanks for already cutting it out, it made it easier for me :slight_smile:


No problem! I like to make anything as easy as possible for anyone!