Artemis's official request thread!

Hi! Do you need art you have come to the right place! Just comment down below your details!
I do ink, limelight and classic art styles!

Some examples


Be respectful to me and other community members.
I do not have to do your request so please remember that.
I would like no drama on this thread.
If you will request please don’t request if you don’t actually need it.
If your going to request from me I would highly appreciate it if you didn’t request from others. I would not like to waste my time and other artists time as well.
And don’t ask when it’s going to be done. Please. Art takes time and effort

What I need to know

What art you want.

I hope you request!


artie I love your art


Thanks Circe lmfao.

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Love yours to.

Can I get a cheeseburger and small fries with a chocolate milkshake



Can I have this image edited to be an overlay?
What should be changed is that the photo is cropped so that the background and the shadows are removed and the only thing showing are the door splinters and the axe, I’m gonna slap this overlay over a door so that it looks like someone smashed an axe through it, here’s johnny style (if you need any idea on how to crop it)

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Okay it will be done as soon as possible!

Here is your overlay tell me if you need any changes and don’t forget to credit me!

Would you want screen shots or details typed for a art scene ?

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It doesn’t matter what ever works best for you.

Thats good can you send me a version without the checkered background though

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Ye sure!

Can I have her with a gun in her hand .

With this background? Could you have blood on her hands and a bit on her face ?

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Ok sure! Is there a time you need it by?

I’m so sorry about the long wait here is your overlay. Don’t forget to credit.

Sooner than later but however long you need, it’s fine .

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Ok great!

hey! first of all i just wanna say i lovee your art.


three characters.

what i want ig-
a big cover, so they’re in front of a school so the girl is crying while leaning on the boys shoulder while the old dude is getting arrested by the cop. and a white font with a black surrounding (i dont really care what the font is is and i hope the black surrounding makes sense) that says “the diary of a school shooting”

ps u have to click on the image

oof ik this is a lot to ask for but if you decided to do it i’ll be extremely grateful :joy:

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Sorry I din’t see that right away. I’ll get right on that! Would you like your name on it?