Artemis's official request thread

I have been making art for a while so I have decided to start taking requests again.
If you need any art I can make it!
I can do limelight, ink and classic!


  1. Be kind. To me and other community members.
  2. I would like this to be a drama free space.
  3. Art takes time so please don’t ask when it will be done I will keep you updated.
  4. Please do not request if your not going to use it.
  5. Please don’t request from me if you have already requested from others.
    With that said be respectful and have fun requesting!


Hey I’ll go to you when I need something ok

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Okay thanks!

Good luck wife!

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hey would i be able to request some splash covers? x

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Yes you can! I’m sorry I don’t know why I wasn’t notified of this earlier.

oh great! thank you. i
Great what im after is a splash cover that says “this story contains mature themes and strong language” and id like two at the bottom of the screen. With girl 1 flirting with girl 2 and girl 2 is awkward and blushing.

Girl 1: olive skin,defined natural brow, rebel half shared hair in chestnut, bold upturn eyes in blue, oval face, perky nose, classic lips in Bordeaux

Girl 2: tan skin, seductive arch brow, beach wave hair in charcoal, round bold eyes in brown, soft heart face, upturned nose and classic lips in rose

Girl 1:tomboy like clothes and girl 2 wearing fairly femine clothes.

Thank you so much x x

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No problem!

thank you so much! x x

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Of course!

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@jeremy please close this thread

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