Artemis's outline contest!


So I had a bunch of random outlines laying around an do was bored, so I thought, Why not? The prize will be a 3 edits of your choice.



The deadline is September 18th. Be creative and don’t steal form others.




Love the outline! I think I’ll enter!


Thank you!


The second one is head is cut off. Do you think you could repost it?


I did. Oh and have to tap on it for better quality.


Ohh more outlines to choose from!


I mean I could add more?


Sure! The more the better! It gives people a variety to choose from




I added another one…


They’re all such great outlines :wink:


Thank you lol. And they were all made in the middle of the night! Well except for the girl with the peace sign…


I might enter if I have a chance!


Thank you!


Is it okay if I change it up a little bit (not too much tho)


Yep as long as I can tell it’s still mine. Hell I change them up all the time! As you can tell between the difference of one of the outlines and my pfp.


OMG THOSE ARE SO AWESOME!!! I’ll enter!! :grin:


Okay thanks!


Thank you so much!


Hmmm I might enter.