Artist and Basic scripter for hire (please close this thread)

Hi there! If you are reading this you maybe are looking for an artist/cover artist/scripter and character sheets
Here I am from Sweden (i rather speak English)
(Central European Standard Time)
I have discord and an art Instagram
Woman \ girl
13+ yrs
No, I don’t do edits I draw DRAW… in my own cartoon style
I don’t want to be payed or anything because this is what i love to do
I almost only script Limelight
Is anyone interested? No rush! But don’t take years to answer…


Hey! So would this be someone doing art and script help for you or you doing it for them???

If you doing it for them then I would be interested! If not I would still be interested but I only do edited…

OH or is it both helping each other???

Well mainly doing it for them or with them. Because I am not that creative in writing stories all by myself. I’m better at characters :sweat_smile:

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Do you have any examples? :slightly_smiling_face:

examples of what exacly?

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Your art

Great examples!

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are you intressted ? or do you just want to see some artttt :3

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I’ll think about it.

Okay let me know when you are done thinking

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