Artist Available... I don't have a title or anything

I love to art, but often face artist’s block.

I can do limited custom art scenes (nothing super complicated), make covers/intros, and create backgrounds. Ask me and I will let you know what I can and cannot do. That means giving me details, mind you, not just messaging “Can you draw my character” and nothing else.
I can also work more realistic if that is what you prefer.


Can I request an art scene?

Sure! Just message me with specifics and I’ll probably sketch out my plan, show you, and let you know how detailed I can make it. All I’ll ask for is credit in a published/shared story.

Yes, of course I will credit you in my story and on Instagram! Do you have one?


Oh. And I’m on EST. Just something to keep in mind.

So what time is right now at where you are at?

Okay, I followed you.

I’m going to PM you instead, if you don’t mind

cringes UH. 1:24. AM. I’m a bad.

Lol, I have the same time :joy::joy: sorry I didn’t know what EST was. I’m not really smart. I just say USA time.

Look at us. Both staying up super late waiting for those eye bags to reach maximum darkness so that we may join our raccoon brethren.

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Hey, that is beautiful! Do you have any realistic examples?

Yep! My instagram has a few, digital and otherwise @crackedcharcoal

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Wow, you’re so good! The eye one is amazing!


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Thanks, jassie!