Artist for art scene! €£


I’m looking for a digital artist who can make an upcoming art scene for me! If you’re an artist or if you know someone, please let me know!

Please, drop an example down below or pm me! DON’T STEAL ART.


  • Paypal (€|£)
  • Before July 1

@Aykay makes really good one;)


@Lady_Cannella is a very talented artist! She makes oustanding art!!!


Haha, she’s already making one for me at the moment😛 Thank you!

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Grazie :blue_heart:

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Hi.My commissions are also open but I charge in United States dollar.If you are okay with it.

Feel free to check my instagram for my artwork and commission info in story highlights:

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hey! if you’re still looking for art, i know a friend who does gorgeous commissions!


we take paypal, and it takes her roughly 5 days to finish an art scene. art is around $10 - $50.
euros is fine, because they can be turned into USD.

thank u for reading :pleading_face:

if u wanna learn more, click on the link below

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The first example is gorgeous!:weary:
Thank you for sharing!

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ugh ikr :weary: :weary:
idk how she does it, i can barely draw a stick figure
thank u for reading :pensive: