Artist for Art Scenes Needed


I am in need of someone to be able to draw me an art scene for my upcoming story
I’m going to include here what I need and I’ll be grateful to anyone that can make me an art scene.

This is one of my main characters and he needs to be wearing this in the art scene

But I need him to be performing this action

And on this background

What I would like is him to have his back to the bar so it is asif hes leaning against the bar and he should be performing that action in that outfit

Thankyou to anyone who is intrested I’ll be so grateful
Chloe x


Can I try?


Of course you can!
If you have any examples don’t hesitate to send them me I’d love to see but you are very welcome to try


My thread is :blue_heart: Art Request Thread


Do u want like a little realistic ones or just him there. (Just putting him in the background but with the outfit u want)


Realistic ones would be great but whatever suits you will be fine


Is it in one zone?


Yes the zone closest to the left


U only need the left zone and don’t need the rest?


Yes because in the script he is on the left


Are you still needing an art scene? Even though I might not have the scenes you’re looking for I could possibly try/find someone. :thinking:
EDIT: Oh I see you said “draw”. :no_mouth:


I am indeed please private message me and I’ll inform you I’ll check your examples now
Chloe x


@Ryan Can you close this thread as I got what I wanted