Artist for good animal overlays?

Does anybody make good overlays of animals?
For my next story I need a black cat, a raven and 2 Great Danes and I need them in different positions and at least for the cat, with different emotions :thinking:

Please recommend a good artist :slight_smile:

You can find what you want here:

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Do you want a drawn overlay or what do you mean? Otherwise I’d just recommend seachring on like pixabay

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Thanks Girl.1
It looks really good, but they don’t seem to have the things I have in mind. But thank you anyway :heart:

catthegirl.episode on instagram

I’d like them drawn so they goes with my LL story, but I’ll have a look at pixabay. Thanks :heart:

Ah okay, well you can hire an artist to do them but if you don’t wanna pay I’d go with pixabay or another site like that

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Do you need to give credit to someone if you’re going to use them?

I’m not sure but it should write somewhere when you click on the overlay. Try to scroll :thinking:

I found it, thank you!

Okay thanks :heart:
I can’t pay for it but I can give credit :wink:

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Well very few artists draw for free :sweat_smile:

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Okay, I didn’t know that :slight_smile: Then I will try to look at pixabay again :heart:

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