Artist for your Story

so I was thinking to do art scenes for a story of one autor. multiple art scenes, like whenever you need some or each episode, whatever you would like.
you can check my work on my insta @epy.larax (I’m still learning so it’s not perfect, don’t judge)

I won’t just randomly pick one, I need to like/love your story, I need to identify with it, so tell me the name of your story if it’s already published, if not tell me about your story.

xx lara


Hey! can you make art scenes for my story!

The name of the story is Destiny.
BY: Nataly gomez
so basicly it’s about how your on your own with ur brother and your taking care of him cause your parent’s died when you were a teenager. you don’t know why, but you’ll find out, your brothr is involved in a gang in order to give you “security”. after a while you discover evry thing and mmeet his boss, and you trade places with your brother so you can protect him like you promised, will this lead you to your destiny? you also have a love interest in you university… so that’s it :slight_smile: :sweat_smile::speak_no_evil:

can you be an artist for my story please?

The name of my story is: Trio Of Travelers

And it is about 3 triplets 2 of which are girls and the other is a boy.

They found out about their powers when they were 11 but promised not to tell anyone

They then started using it to just mess around and scaring people

They figured out each of them had their own unique power. Maria Had flying. Maggie had Body Swapping. Max had super strength. They then figured out there were another set of triplets that had it. 2 of which were boys and 1 of which were girls. But they didnt time travel they could transform into any shape. Will the triplets fall for them? Or will they be able to resist them? Thats it lol.

Hi! I’ll follow you on Instagram.

Hey! My story has already been published, and I’d adore it if you considered being the artist for special scenes.

Title: Lawa Bay
Author: KC
Description: With a serial killer on the loose, the small northern town of Lawa Bay is forced to find and apprehend the murderer before another death occurs.
Genre: Mystery
Chapters: 6



While it’s evident you specialize in the INK style, and my own story is in LIMELIGHT, I’m going to be switching up styles for personal art scenes simply to create diversity within the character styles.

Get back to me as soon as possible! I’m loving your style from what I’ve seen on Instagram, and despite the high demand for your services, am hoping you’ll enjoy my story and choose it as your endeavor. :grin:

what’s your story called?

My Psycho Roommate (not out yet)