Artist How do you feel about the strike?

Didn’t tag me?? Meeeaaan :joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Honestly though? I don’t think the strike will make a difference so i feel that it would be a waste of time so I will not be participating. Here’s more of my two cents:

  1. Most of the readers on episode are NOT apart of the community - so therefore, this strike will not have as big of an impact as you would hope it to

  2. The whole part about refusing to call episode a company because they’re disregarding the law is completely stupid. Episode is a company regardless of what you think or say of them or what they do. Lastly, they are NOT breaking any laws. This is their app, they are free to control what goes on it even if it is unethical or unfair to the community

If you want the strike to make a bigger impact you should have popular authors onboard and rephrase the call to action entirely. The whole thing was written immaturely, and it was clearly fueled by emotions than logical thinking.

Some people won’t agree with me, and that’s fine. We all have out own opinions but I prefer to think of things from a logical stance. Needless to say, I am upset as others are but the strike is too poorly done.


if it makes you feel any better it took me about 1 hour just to think of those i did tag…1 hour dude :rofl:


Lol, that’s too funny :joy: :100:

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:rofl: its funny cuz its true dude…or is it sad idk :joy:

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Honestly I posted about the strike and all But had been planning some R4R so I kinda didn’t do the strike anyways cough

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Sure I guess just pm me

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Tbh my art is kept separate from episode most of the time, I’m still doing my edits and stuff for my story on strike though. I don’t think it’s really affected my work at all…so whatever

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It’s honestly annoying at this point.