Artist looking for writers for long term partnership


Hey there. I would like to be your artist creating art scenes for your stories. I would like to look for a long term partnership since I love making digital graphics and I want to use this as an opportunity for me to practise more.

I would like to look for someone who is serious about his/ her story and not giving up easily (since I always meet someone deleting their story after I create an edit for them before)

Here is a sample of my artwork created for the character contest of Cospace and Medibang a few days ago.

And something I did long long time ago
(But I am not doing cover arts now)

Contact if you are interested : )


Hey, I would like to give this a go, I’ll contact you by email.




Luv it! :heart_eyes:


I would be interested, I’ll email you shortly :blush:




Thanks :two_hearts:


I would love it if you want to have it with me…
I would email you…


Okay :wink:


Hi! I love your work. It’s amazing. Do you still want someone to work with?

Please can I have you as an artist for my story