Artist Need ASAP

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if there was anyone that could draw me a cover for my story


This is what i want the cover to look like but a bit more animated of course.


Don’t change the boys appearance.
Only thing to change about the girl is to make her hair like an aqua grey

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I can do it, is there any other details and do you wan it to look like an episode style like INK or LIMELIGHT or just a drawing?

um here is an example i found somewhere and i really like the look of it so could you maybe make it look like that

Ok but this is based on LIMELIGHT features and clothes so if you are doing a INK story it could still look like this but there would be some other features


So is it INK or LIMELIGHT?

limelight please

Ok is it raining or something else could you elaborate more?

can it please be clear with maybe like a city behind them or like a house


I think @decembermaria20 made that

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oh thx i just found on the internet when looking for inspiration

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Oh, snap. My drawing is one the internet other than here? O.O
Bro, that is cool!

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did you draw that

Yes. I did. The artwork was for someone’s story earlier this year. It was completed before I joined any groups. I don’t know what story it was for, but I did draw and edited a few backgrounds and overlays for the author. I haven’t heard from her in a while though. I haven’t made any images recently tho. I’ve been too busy with my own story and trying to get into college so I haven’t found much time. Where did you find it? On here on a post or two, or somewhere else?

i dont remember what chat but i saw it on here

Must have been an old art post or something. I’ve posted that picture in a few place. lol

haha ok