Artist needed! (art scenes)

I’m currently writing a story along the lines of fantasy/mystery/crime. Due to the nature of it, I need art scenes in order for the story to be effective. Let me know if you’re interested please and thank you! ::innocent:


I could possibly do it if you’d like :heart:
All of my examples are on my request thread here:

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Maybe I could help? ^^



Can you help me with one. I would like a cover art, both big and little. If you decide to help me please write yes then i’ll send you all the information

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I’d be happy to do a cover for you :slight_smile:

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What information do you need

Yes please! I just checked it out and would really love a cover or intro/outro from you!

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I messaged you :slight_smile:

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Sorry for asking, she can help you first and then me if it’s okay with her. Hope you aren’t mad :slightly_smiling_face:

No, don’t be silly! You can go first ahaha :slight_smile: no worries!


Would you still like me to do the art scene for you? I’m almost finished with another request I’m doing right now, and then I’m going to start on Isha1’s. I’d be able to start yours as soon as I finish my other ones :heart:

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Can I request a art scene?

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Yes I just want one one character in bedroom