Artist needed As soon as possible

Hi! Me and a friend are writing a story called Missing. We have already published 3 episodes and are now working on some more but we would like to include some art. If you are interested in helping please let me know. By the way the story is LL



Maybe @Rac5hel … or @Kalizzza


I may have some time
Why not

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Do you have any examples of your work which you could show us? If you don’t mind me asking :sweat_smile:

No it’s fine


I don’t get
Many limelight requests so I don’t have many examples of them but this is just some of my work in general

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Thanks just waiting for my friend to get back to me :sweat_smile:

Ok :ok_hand:t5:

We would love for you to do us an art scene could you PM me so we can talk about the details of it :sweat_smile:


Hello I’m here do you still need any help