Artist needed ASAP please!

Hiya! I need an artist to make an introduction splash/background for my story ‘Magicals’. If you’re interested please dm me via Instagram @Leigh.Episode

Info about my story if you’re interested:

Title: Magicals
Genre: Fantasy
Description: What happens when you’re taken to a land full of MAGICALS and you’re told you aren’t allowed to go back home? How will you deal with the friendships, relationships and challenges thrown your way? (CC/Female & Male LI’s/Choices matter)
Reads: 5.8K (Has been out for 8 weeks)



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Would you like a Commissioned work or free ?

free x

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I’m gonna check it out right now, girl. And sorry but I’m not an artist.

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Hey I am an artist but I am commissioned. Sorry if that disappoints you. Please clarify that you are looking for a FREE artist.

This thread was created 8 months ago lmao.


And they probably don’t need it anymore :skull:.

You never know🤷‍♀️


We’re free!