Artist Needed ASAP

Hi My Name is Maya and I would like a realistic art scene of One of my main characters from my story broken. In the art scene I would like her to be crouched down in a corner looking up a bit scared but more like broken. Kaidyen the main character in this art scene should have long dark brown hair falling around her face messily but still looks beautiful, ice cold glacier blue eyes framed with a set of dark think long black lashes full of pain and hurt. She should have pale skin for she is a prisoner who is not properly taken care of and fed, and should have a scar on her right eyebrow but right when you look at her, a little scar on her lip, and a big cut in a bruise on that same looking at her left cheek. She should be wearing little black shorts, a cropped white shirt and a light grey sweater hung at her elbows so you should see bruises on her neck(forced hickeys) her shoulders and some on her thighs and calves. She should be looking up in the corner of a crappy old dark run down hideout. Also she is about 17-19 years old. Here is the closest picture I could find for how I want it to look but much more detailed and fit to my descriptions.
Screenshot 2020-10-26 at 3.03.22 PM
Please DM me on my Insta Account Maya_writes28 if your instrested and we can talk about details thanks!

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Hello Sweetie, you didn’t said if you needed a professional artist (payed) or free art ? :blush:

Maybe you shld check out some art shops on here, there are plenty of talented artists who would love to make art for you! :sparkles: :heart:

Hi! Thank you so much for responsing Iv’e tried reaching out to specific art shops but no luck responding. Anyways I think I’m looking for free art/artists

I have tried to get in contact with specific art shops with no luck so far on responses so that’s why I tried posting my own seperate request here

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Well I’m sorry to hear that!
I would have made it for you but you mentioned u need it asap.

Oh I just mean responded too

Do you have any examples of art scences i can look at

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When do you need it by?

How long do you think it will take?

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Im busy until December 2nd week

Ok ill let you know but do you have any examples i could look at

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Sure I’ll pm you

ok what does that mean pm? :joy:

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personal message

Oh ok i got your message I think im going to wait and see a bit longer but ill let you know

Hi! I may be interested, depends a bit on when you will need it by, since I’m a very slow artist! I can send you my examples over pm, but if it’s okay I would like to ask some questions about the story and scene before I make up my mind :smile: (and of course I know you may want to wait a bit to see if you get any other offers, so there’s no pressure)

Ok sound good ill check your examples just send me a PM

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And yes I will answer any questions you may have

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