Artist needed for an art scene 😱

Hey guys!! I’m looking for someone who can do an art scene for me who has their requests open idc if it’s a commissioned artist that no issue to me

Just drop your art work below so i can see examples and thank you so much


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Her work is amazing :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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It doesn’t look like she does the kinda art scene i need :confused:

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What kind of style art scene are you looking for sweetie?

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What about me? I can probably help

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Do you guys have examples?

I draw and edit

Sorry are you asking me for examples too there? :joy:

Yeah hahaha

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Okay was just checking lol… My requests are currently closed but my drawn works (non episode obviously) are commissions and are open.

Here’s some random drawn examples of mine

If you’re fine w a commission I could help you, if my style suits you!

@Jeremy can you close this thread