Artist needed for an art scene!

I’m looking for somebody to make an art scene for me. I am trash at digital art. Credit will be given. Please, I’m desperate lol

If you are interested, feel free to either reply to this or message me, and we will go from there!

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Free or commission?

If you can pay I could help!
I work pretty cheap

free would be nice but i understand charging! if you’re interested in either, message me :slight_smile:

Well I had just opened my commissions,I could send you the prices and then talk further if you want.

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hi girl
i am a commissioned artist so my arts are not free, but if you like what I do we can discuss also about the prices
these are some of my works

you can dm me if you are still interested

U can check mine thread for prices and examples for art!!

I do edits as well but unfortunetly my rqsts are closed not but will open after 4 days for sure!

You can look into my thread for edit examples as well!!

Edit wip

This the edit I am working on right now… ( Not completed… ofc lol)

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