Artist needed for scenes

Merry Christmas, everyone! I am desperately in need for someone who would make a cover for my story for free. I will not tell you an exact date to send the cover to me or nor will I pressure you. If you are interested please message me here or message my instagram - @anisareadsss. Thank you!


Hi! I could make you a cover. Let me know if you want to see any examples of art I’ve made in the past.

Free or paid?

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Here are some open shops

  1. BeefyGirl's art shop (free, open, edited+drawn)

  2. Art Shop OPEN (Art scenes, covers, pfp, etc.)

  3. Bloom's Free Art Shop🎄 (OPEN ☃️)

  4. ✨ Arielle’s Art Shop ✨ (OPEN)

  5. 🤫 The Quiet Art Shop 🤫 [OPEN & FREE]


Are you doing it for free or do I have to pay?



Do you also do edited covers? Or just art?


I dmed u in insta

Can I see some of your art?

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I didn’t get a dm. Did you send it to @anisareadsss ?

yess, from sky_writesepi


this right?

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I didn’t get a dm but I just dm’d you.

I’ll dm you some art. (my ig is kirtlovesdirt)

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I requested a follow.

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I accepted, we can continue our discussion on IG since I’m not very active on the forums.
(Also can you message me first because it says you don’t accept message requests)

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