Artist needed for special Art scenes


In need of art scenes

Me and my friend are making a episode story and we need someone who can make us art scenes. If your interested either contact me on Instagram: Cassie_writes446699 or just in the comments. You will get credit!

It would be great! Thank you!


I could help but only can do poses from the episode what are you doing ink or limelight because I can only do Ink :smile:


Oh that is fine I was planning on doing Ink!


Do you have Instagram or anyway that would make it possible to contact you?:grin:


My insta: @episode.fatima_z


Ok! Sorry that I take long to reply!


I did the same it is fine :smile: I will dm you on insta when I am free currently busy with a request, just send a hi in replay to know it is you


:grin: just sent a message on Instagram :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


okay will dm you in a few hours sorry, Am busy doing a request at the moment


Okay! Text you soon