Artist needed. I really need it

Hey guys! I have very good stories coming but something’s missing. Art I think it would improve my story quality. I need an artist. I want an artist that does simple drawings. And the vision I have does not look like an episode’s characters. I want an artist who can draw regular people but also capture what I’m trying to tell. Plz contact at my Instagram check my bio. Thanks XXX

I forgot to add I’m a student and I really cant pay people sorry. I’m already in debt :sob:

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Have you tried looking at any of the art shops? You might find someone on one.

@Blue01.episode .

I maybe able to help can you show me something you are looking for like an example? and also thank you @aristotilee for the tag :slight_smile:


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I’m looking for simple drawings. The first one I need for my first ep is a girl teenager looking. big shirt and jeans and hair in a ponytail coming out of the water soaked. and like the ocean behind her.

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the next one is pretty basic it’s the girl in a bikini with wet hair and the ocean behind her. I want them to look really realistic.