Artist needed please ASAP

We requested an art a week ago and had a response and then that person has stopped replying so we need an artist as soon as possible to do us an art scene please. :slight_smile:


Heyyaaaaa! @Rac5hel or @Cassandra_Dean orrr @Lunar_Rose


I can

I might be able to help.

Could you send examples of your work please?

Could you also send examples of your work please?


I’m not that good with custom poses tho.


Thanks I will just wait for @Kendall.woods to send some of her examples before I decide :slight_smile:

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I could help.

I could help too??? I’m with @Penny2.

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Here are my examples

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Would you and @Penny2 do it as a collab?

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I am a commissioned artist, I don’t know if you’re willing to pay for the art scene but if you do I promise a great quality work. You can check some on Instagram @tw.epsiode and :heart:


Okay I will message you both the details then :slight_smile:

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hi, if you still require any art scene, I do them. so if you want i can do it for you. That is if you still need it. and I can show you my examples too.

I have someone however I will definitely consider you for next time :slight_smile:

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