Artist Needed Please


Hiya! :grin:
I’m thinking of making a cover editing thread but, I’m in need of a creative banner to spice it up.

Any artist available?


I can! :blush:


me too


That would be great guys! Could I see some examples first please?


Of course, I have many on my desktop saved, lol.

I have provided two small banners and two large banners!


That’s amazing! :clap:t4::grin:
Do you have a wait list?


I made this for myself lol


At the moment, only three people, but I can do banners now because they are quick! :blush:


It looks AMAZING!!! :grin:
Sorry for the late reply, I was ranting on another thread. :joy:


Lol its fine


I would love 2 banners somewhat similar to those examples. Except with more blue colors mixed in it.

One that says
Thread Status: Open

Thread Status: Closed


Okay, I’ll try making it more blue, but there’s no promises.



Lol. The colors really don’t matter too much.
There’s no rush. I’m a procrastinator. :joy:
So, please take your time.


Okay, thank you!