Artist Needed! (Raven Writes)

Hi there! I am new to Episode and have just started my new story. I would really love an author profile cover. I have my author profile below. Please respond below if you can help :slight_smile:


Author Name: Raven Writes

Body: Neutral 08
Brow: Straight Medium (deep brown)
Hair: Medium Shoulder Curly Bun Hair (brunette brown)
Eyes: Deepset Upturned Wide (Brown pale)
Face: Diamond
Nose: Round Button
Lips: Full Heart Pouty (Rose dark nude gloss)

Character Animation: laugh_giggle_pose

-Character in the center of the screen
-Background: Pastel pink


Can I ask more by what you mean for an “author profile cover”?

As in a splash that says something like ‘follow me on episode’

Oh okay got it! You could check out my art Shop (link below) and see if you like what I can do and then make a request if you want to.