Artist needed to create covers and art scene

Hello you wonderful Episodians!
Hope you’re all staying safe and staying indoors.

So…here goes…
I’m looking for an extremely talented artist who can create a cover/covers and art scenes for my story Bad News LL, don’t mind paying commission as long as the prices aren’t ridiculous as I don’t have that much money :joy: (who does? Am I right? Lol)
There’s no set time, as I’m converting ink into LL and it’s taking the piss

Any who, if you feel up to the task please dm me or comment on my post. Also please send me your examples of your work :grin: thank you


Hi! If you are still looking for an artist, I’m available. Shane’s art commission shop (OPEN!)

I will give certain discounts depending on how many artworks you need.

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I really like your art, that’s the kind of style I’m looking for

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Okay where should we get in contact? Do you have Instagram?

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Of course it lkjx.writes
Sorry for the slow reply I was on my way back from an interview

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No worries!:slight_smile: I followed you there my IG is @episode_shntn

If your still looking my prices are quite cheap and aren’t set in stone my page is Art commisions open :art::heart_eyes: or my Instagram is Zoe.x_art :heart:

:panda_face: commissions open :panda_face:
check it out if you can :heart: