Artist Recommendations/Inquiries!

Hey yall- Purple Radiance :purple_heart: here!,
I’m writing a story in Ink style and I am looking for an artist or artists for it. It’s a fantasy story set in modern day. I’m not only looking for covers/ art scenes ( but the art scenes aren’t as important as the story is just starting out now.), but certain backgrounds to assist with the story line.
I am looking for recommendations/inquiries or any suggestions. :pleading_face:
To give you an idea:


I need a cover with the title of the story, my name, the artist’s name so that I can make sure that credit is given, and possibly a tagline. I would like for the cover to be a split (half of each of their faces) between two of the main characters of the story:
image I would like for there to be possibly a office background behind this character.
image And an explosion or something behind this one.
( I will give the artist more character details)


image I would also like a background that is somewhat of a “base of operations” (computer,arsenal, etc.)
with a few mannequins like these.

I think that’s it for now, because I’m tired!:sleeping: Thanks for all your help and I hope to hear from you soon. @PurpleRadiance or @purpleradiancewrites (Ig)
-Purple Radiance :purple_heart:

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I could do the cover :blush::

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Thanks so much! I will make an official request in a few hours then on your thread. Have an awesome day and keep up the amazing work!
-Purple Radiance :purple_heart:

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Alright have a nice day too :blush: