Artist requesting payment before sending the sketch

I think I understand which author you’re talking about.
I’ve been trying to figure out her style myself, she really does work from above on references just smearing texture and giving it kind of a strokes texture and adding some strokes on the tablet
But we have to hand it to her she finds parts of the photo for the character and puts it all together, but I wouldn’t call it art rather just photo editing. That’s why she doesn’t show the process of creating an art.

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Personally I always did the sketch first and then the payment but after a couple of times that clients were basically dumping me after I sent the sketch I stopped doing that. At the end of the day I spend time on drawing the sketches and if you made the decision to commission stick to it , you can’t suddenly say “you know I don’t want to commission after all” because it’s straight up disrespectful . So for the first time commissioners I do the payment before the sketch and then when I see they’re trustworthy I become more flexible with the payments. I know it can seem sketchy so always double check but requirements like that could appear after not so pleasant experiences :white_heart:


Hi it’s normal for artist to do so. I also request the client to pay the payment in advance full or 50% before sketch but again this is also done by many scam artist.So for verification you can check if they have displayed any commissioned work on their account along with client’s tagged. If not it’s best you keep yourself on safe side and ask the artist to send you the sketch before you make the payment. Or maybe pay 20% before sketch and then rest after the sketch is shown to you because not many artist would agree upon starting the work before any payment as far as i know.