Artist(s) NEEDED!

Hey guys so I’m really needing and artist at the moment to help with my cover art. I’ll pay, or do what ever you would like. Just please PM me for details !

Hey @Episode.Halle! I make digital art and it’s free. I’ll gladly help you. I don’t have instagram, but email me @

Claire :kissing_cat:

She said PM

I know :confused:

Actually im caught up wit Direct Message what does PM mean?

Private Messae

i need help with cover art can you be able to help



i need help and i dont know how to do cover art

Well you can learn!! Go to my thread and FIND OUT!!!

ok thank u

Your Welcome.

Hey! I’ll make some art for you if you want. Send me an email @


i did send u a email i sent u a message on gmail

K sounds good!

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I can do it for you. check out my thread here

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I would love to help! These are the Wattpad book covers and everything, really :joy: If you want to see more episode-like covers then go check out my art story thread! Covers, Splashes, Backgrounds, Overlays, Characters, & Art Resources - CLOSED, see Plethora Graphics

And much more… (the authors are not comfortable sharing). I know know how to cut characters, make splashes, make your backgrounds, even make overlays alone or either cut it from a picture or background. You can request any of thos but before you do, check out my splashes, backgrounds, and even overlays (to be honest, not all overlays are mine, I collected them from various other sources):

I just learned how to make them today so go easy on me, people!

This background is only one panel which means it’s the only zone.

This background, however, has two panels (two zones). The rest of the current backgrounds I have are personal requests that have been requested like this one (I made that one up).

I didn’t put any citations or my name on the art, but please don’t forget to cite me.

I can even do your profile picture to be just like mine or if you want to put any special art into it. Like:


Here, I made an overlay of this background:


And it turned out like this:


To be honest, I didn’t really work on that overlay lots but I hope you like it, please cite me “Briar Rose”.

Episode Studio would be delighted to help!

YouTube: Episode Studio

Or PM one of our officials:

With Love,
Episode Studio