Artist(s) Wanted!


I would like to have an artist to last with me for my upcoming story the entire way just so i can give credit to the same person each time. I need someone who can do overlays, backgrounds, covers, and splashes. If interested, reply to this topic and i will PM top 3 if more than 1 person is interested.
love callie <3


Hey, I, interested! Please PM me!


Heyo!!! I would be glad to help. I don’t have instagram, but my email is !!! Please accept me, cause i really want to :blush:


heeeeeyy!!! I can make AWESOME covers, edits, AND splashes!! I would LOOOOVE to help!! I am pretty good, so check me out!!!

Here are MY covers I made in the past!!


wow. how do you do cutouts on pixlr?


Oh it’s simple. Go to my THREAD on how to make covers USING Pixlr!!


@episode.CJwriter would you like a cover made by me???


Maybe another time. I started making a story and already had an artist called @BLUE2109


I know it’s probably already to late but I’m willing!


Can I help?