Artist to edit an Episode background


Hey, I’m Winter.

I’d like someone to mash these two backgrounds together, so it’s a twin bedroom. Pink on one side and blue on the other if that’s possible, cribs opposite sides.

So like, mix these two together if that’s possible.

If you can do it, let me know. You will get credit, of course. :slight_smile:

Winter xx


Seems easy enough, but I’m no artist! Hope you find the results you’re looking for!


I can do it!

Here you go if this is what you’re looking for.


Sorry, hun. Don’t mean to clog up your request post. But I’m discovering that LondonRP here is actually an extra account made by someone who tried to be my friend.


And as a token of good faith, I will mash up those picture for you tomorrow.


Thank you so much! PM me with any questions! :wink::blush:




Hope this edit is okay:

It’s a sample image. I didn’t know if you wanted it shared with others. I will pm you the actual image.

As always, I’d appreciate a shout out @rude_in :relieved:


That’s brilliant!! Thanks so much! I will definitely credit you when I use it! :heart:


@Ryan @Jeremy Please close. :wink: