Artist Up For A Challenge 2


So my other post got a little bit out of hand so i’m making this new one + things got added.


so i made this a different post because for this one i’m looking for a artist who is sane enough has time enough and had the actual energy to make this.
Kind of art: Realistic

So i looking for someone to make a art scene wich includes 25 YES 25 different characters.

It’s a family photo and it has to be cute and nice and stuff.

And i need the same artist to make another photo wich includes 6 characters.

I want these 2 to be made by the exact artist because they will be used as photo’s troughout the entire story. Not just one scene but the entire story and i want the same artist because i want the same styles.

I’ll also need the same artist for some other art scene’s during the story but it’s stoll a work in progresss so i still have to write scene’s

Anyways if you think you are sane enough to take up this challenge
just pm me here or on insta @babydoll_writes


I would be able to help you @mami.writes !