Artist who is up for a challenge



so i made this a different post because for this one i’m looking for a artist who is sane enough has time enough and had the actual energy to make this.

So i looking for someone to make a art scene wich includes 25 YES 25 different characters.

It’s a family photo and it has to be cute and nice and stuff.

And i need the same artist to make another photo wich includes 6 characters.

I want these 2 to be made by the exact artist because they will be used as photo’s troughout the entire story. Not just one scene but the entire story and i want the same artist because i want the same styles

If you think you are sane enough to take up this challenge
just pm me here or on insta @babydoll_writes


I can


I followed you on insta


I can help, but i cant rush


It doesn’t need to be rushed because it’s for the sequel of my book but i imagine its going to take some time so i’m already asking it now so that artist can work on their own speed and time


Does it have to be digital art?


it doesn’t have to be but i will have to use it as a background in episode.


It look like @MariG have it so i wont be helping


@linalilly10 she never said i would do it?


But it looks like your doing it so i let you do it


You can make it since ur the first one to reply…


Oooohhhhh I wanna do it !!!




Episode diamonds can we have 20 members that love to help


Bruv no reason to get defensive


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were already doing it




OK so things are getting out of hand
if you want to do it just sent some examples.
Because im looking for someone who can do some realistic art