Artistic Angels Art Shop (Taking Requests)


No we have multiple artists. I’ll see who’s available.


Okay, thank you! :smiley:


No problem. :revolving_hearts:


Beside @Zepherine who would you like to do it?
Almost all of us are avaliable at the moment.
No pressure. :joy:
And it would be very helpful if you could give the pictures of your characters so our artist (who you choose) can make it.


This is really hard because there are so many of you and you are all really good at art! :sob:
Can @SASB possibly do it? I chose her because I haven’t seen any threads of hers to think that she is too busy, I don’t wanna be mean to the rest of you! This hurts my heart :sob: and I’m sorry for being draatic Thank you!


That’s fine. We will check in with her. We will let you know her decision. :blush:


Thank you!


@Skyler23 I’m sorry but @SASB has declined due to many requests. :cry:
Could you please pick another artist! :joy:


I picked this artist for the same reason: @paigebarr I think it was


I would have love to do it, but unfortunately im fill up at the moment but everyone else are such good artists, so you have alot to choose from. Have a good day :two_hearts:


You too!


She’ll be online soon so I’ll see. Sorry for any inconvenience.


That’s fine!





Shortney please but if its not possible then any of the others are okay:



Art scene,

Girl (mc) wearing a pink towel and glaring at the boy leaning against the doorframe who’s doing the animation “rubneck”. Girl has blonde hair the same as in my profile picture and brown eyes. the boy has black slicked back hair and dark eyes and should be wearing a white tank top with a black leather jacket over it and black ripped jeans

time frame: a week or shorter if possible

thank you


We will get back to you to see if @ShortneyShadow will do it. :blush:


thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Im really sorry but i have about a 1 month waiting period due to the amount of requests i have but im sure anyone would be glad to help out. Again, im really sorry :confounded::heart:


ah its okay


Just to let you know.
You can pick another artist.
And send character details please like skin tone, eyes and all of their features.