Artistic Angels Art Shop (Taking Requests)


i’d love if @episodelillian could do it, if not its fine

the girl has light(ish) skin and the boy has a slightly more tanned skintone


@episodelillian has not been on in a few days and she hasn’t responded so here we go.

Here are my top picks for people to request!


okay I have to go now but i’ll request someone else tomorrow :hearts:
I might request you or @propertyofNae but ill let u know


I will start it right away!


I would recommend @_Nasia the most!
She makes amazing art!




Thank you!


Here it is girl! If you want something changed then just tell me and I will be happy to fix it.


OMG THANK YOU IT LOOKS AMAZING!!! How do you want me to credit you?




just put “Made by @episodepaiige on instagram” somewhere and that will be fine


Okay, thanks again!

I'm still looking for someone who can do me a small and large art cover

I’m looking for someone who can do me an INK small and large cover for a story for free. If you are willing to help please show me your samples.


All of our examples are above. If you see someone you like let me know. :heartpulse:


I’m actually interested in this person. Are they available


No. She’s overbooked


Hey, thanks for being interested in my art!
I’m extremely busy at the moment, my waiting times are up to 2-3 months unfortunately
If you’re happy to wait then that’s fine, otherwise I’m afraid I won’t be able to take your request.

We have many other talented artists though!


I’ll keep looking thank you


We have other artists available.
Please give others a chance, that would be much appreciated @Jen_Epi


I found someone already that is open for requests and she only allowed to choose one so I ended up choosing for a small cover, so im hoping she takes my requests. And if she does I’m looking for someone who can do me a large cover. So if anyone is free please comment and show me your current work.:slight_smile: I already looked at the top ones but I would like to see more if possible.